Ski resorts Georgia


Gudauri ski resort lies 120 km to the north of the capital Tbilisi on the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. This region in Georgia is popular with spectacular views and high-altitude mountains.
Snow covers the area until the early spring.Gudauri is considered to be the developing ski resort.  The resort’s infrastructure is expanding and growing with new visions of modern Georgia. Investments in infrastructure and real estate attract not only locals but foreigners as well. Besides, numerous international hotels will soon start to operate at the resort.Gudauri’s recreational zone is positioned on a south-facing plateau which makes it unique.Recently launched Kobi Pass ski area will guarantee the right snow conditions throughout the whole season that will also prolong skiing period to the late spring. Kobi – Gudauri, ski lift system, will also be crucial for guests who get stuck at Kobi area during heavy snowfall in winter.The resort has unlimited freeride possibilities. All slopes are entirely above the tree line, are best for free-riders and are generally considered to be avalanche-safe. Artificial snow will guarantee the availability of red pistes during the season launch. Night skiing is also one of the best skiing activity for guests.If extreme is not enough, heliski and paragliding is at your disposal. Cultural ski tour to Lomisa Mountains is one of the unique experiences you can have on the resort.The maximum exposure to the sun with skiable area makes Gudauri one of the best places for extreme sports lovers.


Bakuriani (Georgian: ბაკურიანი) a favorite resort in summer and winter for kids and adults, beauty of the Borjomi Gauge, is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range on the banks of the river Bakurianistskali at around 1700 meters above sea level, it lies 30 kilometers from Botjomi and 180 kilometers from Tbilisi, the capital.Bakuriani is known for days with long sunshine, for 2052 hours a year and long snowy winter from December to March. Winters are cold and experience sufficient snowfall while summers are long. Average January temperature is – 7 and in August +15degrees by Celsius. Average snow cover makes 64 cm.
Cristal clean air of high mountains, predominantly coniferous (mainly made up of spruce) forest filled with the perfume of beech trees, Kokhtagora, Kokhtagora II and views of mountains of Tskhratskaro attract attention of visitors during all seasons of the year.No wonder that Bakuriani is one of the most famous mountain resorts among Georgian international ski resorts. Its climate and relief is ideal for the development of varieties of winter sports. First skiers were fixed here in 1932.
During winter seasons families with kids and fans of skiing adults equally enjoy staying here. Cable ways can be found in several places, on the Kokhtagora mount (1.3 km), Kokhtagora II, Sakhvelo mount (3.8km), under 90 and 25 m. ski jumps and there are also places for tobogganing in the park. The Kokhtagora along with other ski runs is one of the best difficult skiing runs for professional skiers.Bakuriani is a mountain-climate resort with its main curative factors: mountain air, long time sunshine, high activity of ultraviolet rays. One can be cured here from lymphadenitis, chronic non-tuberculosis illnesses of respiratory tract and anemia. One can visit High-Mountain Botanical Gardens, the branch of the Tbilisi Botanical Institute (founded in 1919) with the best collection of alpine flora in Europe.


Small town of Mestia, located in Upper Svaneti in the Greater Caucasus mountains, has been named World Heritage by UNESCO . Mestia and the surrounding villages with their medieval towers are very unique and beautiful. There are two ski resorts in the area, Hatsvali and Tetlundi.Hatsvali is for beginners and intermediate skiers. Short but well groomed slopes are easy to ride. The area is covered by a pine forest among white pillows. This is the best place for the fans of Glade Skiing. The restaurant on top of the lift station has panoramic views of mt. Ushba (4,700 m), known for its steep rock massifs, is the epitome of beauty of the Caucasian mountains, like Matterhorn in the Alps.Tetnuldi ski area is for skiers of any level . It’s around 30 minute drive from Mestia. Based on the bottom of Mt. Tetlundi it has slopes ranging from easy to extremely hard, is surrounded by tall mountains and the Alpine zone with great snow condition into late spring. Opened in 2015, Tetnuldi ski area is serviced by the French POMA ski lifts.Svaneti is a very unique corner and culture hotspot in Georgia . The nature there is still mostly untouched and the food is undoubtedly great. Svaneti food, from the melted cheese with mashed potatoes to cheesebread with special herbs (Khachapuri) with Cha-Cha (local grappa) is ideal for après-ski

Goderdzi Resort

Goderdzi Ski Resort is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, 252 km away from Tbilisi and 109 km away from Batumi, in the highlands of Adjara on the Goderdze Pass. The resort is distinguished with its nature, fresh air, beautiful scenery and well-equipped skiing tracks.This winter, Goderdze Pass offers two cable lines to its guests, total length of the tracks of which amounts to 8 kilometers. Here, two cable cars will serve the holidaymakers: 8-seat gondola and 6-seat bubble. Hotel Meteo, which is operated on the Goderdzi Pass, can accommodate 35 persons and 6 cottages are determined for 70 persons.Goderdzi Ski Resort hosts its guests all year round. Alpine mountains and forest hiking, bicycle and horseback riding is offered in summer, as well as the paragliding. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the local curative mineral spring waters and visit Goderdzi fossil forest, which is one of the most unique in the world.