Tbilisi – city of love and romance

Explore Tbilisi as a city of love and romance.

With this tour we will show you the romantic spirit of Tbilisi city.

Meeting you and your chosen one with a single rose bouquet we will take you for an unforgettable time in Tbilisi before its gets dark. We will explore old city of Tbilisi with narrow streets, beautiful balconies, views from Narikala fortress, modern glass bridge conjoining the old Tbilisi with new Rike park which is considered to be the youngest recreational area in Tbilisi.

During the tour we have prepared the locks for the lockbridge which we will cross on the way to beautiful waterfall in the center of Tbilisi and professional half hour photo session at the waterfall area.

Right before you think you have seen it all we will take you for funicular travel up the steep slope.

Tbilisi funicular was opened on March 27th, 1905. At that day all of Tbilisi was gathered near Davit’s hillside waiting for the crazy men who might dare to travel in the new railway that would carry them up the slope.

Modernized cable cars will take you to amusement park of Mtatsminda, located on 770m height overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi and is the highest point in Tbilisi. Located on more than 100 hectares, park has more than 100 years’ history.

We are sure you will be mesmerized with beautiful views from the park and enjoy the walking with your partner.

After the tour the choice is all yours, we can take you back to the hotel, or if you decide to have romantic dinner you can tell us and we will drop you to the restaurant, or maybe you decided to go for Suphur bath experience?

In any cases, we are sure that the tour will add one more beautiful, romantic day in your life with your loved one and gift you the unforgettable memories in mind and in professional photos from us.